Palace of Taste

13-23 September 2018

The Palace of Taste

Can you tell a lager from a Pilsner? 
How is balsamic vinegar produced? 
How should an Alpine cheese be tasted? 
Do you know the history of spices? 
The Palazzo dei Congressi will be transformed into the Palazzo del Gusto (‘Palace of Taste’) staging seminars, workshops and tastings during which to learn while trying out new treats, with ample space given over to the educational side of food. And then foodie prizes and contests, show-cooking...

Event Programme
10 days of absolute immersion in taste, during which to discover the flavours of Lugano like never before! A vast programme of events, workshops, tastings, shows, meetings and markets in the Swiss food and wine capital of 2018!

Palazzo dei Congressi
Piazza Indipendenza 4
6900 Lugano
Informazioni e contatto
T. 004191 976 06 00