Saturday 08.09

Saturday Wine Cellar Visits

Enjoy a great start to the weekend by exploring the cellars of the Lugano region. During visits to the wine cellars you will have the opportunity to regularly meet different producers enjoying the uniqueness of their labels and local products. The experienced staff will accompany you on an unforgettable journey full of emotions and new tastes.

The geographic configuration of Ticino and Lugano offers the ideal characteristics to breathe life into excellent wines appreciated all over the world. In the wineglass, Merlot is the symbol of Ticino but thanks to the expert hands of local winemakers, there are other delicious and amazing wines.


08.09.2018 Tenuta San Giorgio, Via al Bosco 39, 6990 Cassina d'Agno 
13.10.2018 B&B Tamborini Vallombrosa, Via Mött 4, 6980 Castelrotto 
20.10.2018 Tenuta San Giorgio, Via al Bosco 39, 6990 Cassina d'Agno 
27.10.2018 Tamborini Vini, Strada Cantonale 18, 6814 Lamone

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Time and place

10:00 - 12:00 / Cantine Ticino