Lugano Città del Gusto invades the city with its Food&Walk


In the run-up to Lugano Città del Gusto, the great event that will be held between 13 and 23 September, yesterday Food&Walk peacefully invaded various panoramic and evocative points of the city, leading many participants on the discovery of a territory waiting to be tasted in all its oeno-gastronomic excellence.

On the six different legs of the ‘marathon of taste’, over a total of six kilometres, seven chefs from the team of San Pellegrino Sapori Ticino proposed their offerings, from finger foods, entrees and original dishes. Andrea Levratto, Egidio Iadonisi, Christian Bertogna, Bernard Fournier, Alessandro Fumagalli, Luca Bellanca and Mauro Grandi came up with a special menu for all the participants, providing gastronomic thrills coupled with splendid locations around the town. From Piazza Riforma to USI, LAC, Parco del Tassino, Foce and Padiglione Conza, Lugano showed its very best side on a warm and sunny spring day.
Giuseppe Piffaretti, better known as ‘Mastro Piff’, welcomed participants on the final leg with a strawberry dessert which constituted the much appreciated finishing touch, prior to the conclusion of the event.

Food&Walk was just one of the appointments in the run-up to the 10-day event, which once again will feature the flavours of the local territory (and not only) as well as the city itself, which will set the stage for a wide-ranging programme of meetings, workshops, tastings and much more besides. Shortly, the official website of the event will be online (, where you can find all the information to experience this great popular celebration to the very best.